Hannah Elphaba (artisticbones) wrote in cheeky_bastards,
Hannah Elphaba

hello, everyone

i found this community and it looked good. since i'm seeing this else where, i'll post this:

fifteen bands: lately i have been listening to tom waits and modest mouse, or tool. led zeppelin. sublime. the smashing pumpkins. sunny day real estate. the white stripes. metric.

five books: '1984' by george orwell. 'a picture of dorian gray' by oscar wilde. 'a wrinkle in time' by madelin l'engle. 'peter pan' by j.m. barrie. harry potter.

five authors: charles baudelaire. oscar wilde. arthur rimbaud. rainer mari rilke, stephane mallarme.

ten movies: lately eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, being john malkovitch, frida, napoleon dynamite.

meaning of life: life is what you make it
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